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Patent Portfolio patents are issued under a CIP approach covering our core geospatial technology, ML and AI-models, data pipeline, and risk stratification tools.

Our patent portfolio positions an organization to capture market share in the global health risk analytics market.


Our patents address issues ranging from:


  • Patient risk stratification to specific medical conditions, such as opioid addiction and maternal and child health.

  • Infectious disease transmission and spread in public as well as in closed environments.

  • Emerging and endemic diseases outbreak risk.

  • Medical supply needs identification.

  • The identification of health risks based on social determinants of health.

Issued Patents

Patent 11,177,040 covers our process of leveraging social determinants of health (SDOH) data to identify those at risk of developing an opioid addiction, diversion, and of having an opioid overdose in the next 12 months.


Patent 11,688,521 establishes a risk stratification to identify those at risk of Maternal and Child Health complications during labor, delivery, and postpartum.

Additional patent filings are planned addressing antimicrobial resistance, the climate change-induced impacts on human health, as well as tracking the impact of microplastics on health. For additional information, please contact

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