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HSR’s Board Continues to Grow!

We are proud to introduce John Zaleski, PhD, CAP, CPHIMS, Chief Analytics Officer of

Bernoulli Enterprise, Inc., as the newest member of Health Solutions Research, Inc.’s Board of Advisors!

John’s Role on HSR’s Board

HSR has come a long way in our slightly over 2 years in operation. In fact, with our proprietary Geospatial data analytic platform for population health, the GeoHealth Dashboard, we are on the precipice of making an impact on the Opioid Crisis ravaging our nation. Given the gravity of this crisis, we now seek skilled, experienced individuals to join our Board and guide us through this important effort.

John’s experience in healthcare, including the hospital and the health IT sectors, as well as his understanding of population health issues uniquely qualifies him to guide us as we negotiate the technical, political, and operational challenges that solving the opioid crisis will involve.

In addition, HSR will benefit tremendously from John’s recognition within and reputation throughout the healthcare industry.  And as a holder of 8 patents related to medical device interoperability and clinical informatics, he will also be able to provide guidance on IP protection. We have filed a provisional patent on the GeoHealth Dashboard and are planning additional patent applications on the various components of our technology.

We are confident that John’s presence on our board will significantly raise our profile within the health IT industry. John’s addition brings our board to five members, including our CEO, Ajay K. Gupta, CISSP, MBA, our CMO, Ram Peruvemba, MD, Luis Bermudez, PhD., and Troy Joslin, the director of our annual HSR charity golf tournament.

Follow John on LinkedIn

John maintains an active feed on LinkedIn including his current and past conference presentations and articles. John received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, with a dissertation that describes a novel approach for modeling and prediction of post-operative respiratory behavior in post-surgical cardiac patients. His bio isonline.

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