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Opioid Abuse Problem Needs New Pain Treatment Alternatives

We congratulate the US Senate for both drawing attention to and taking bipartisan and near unanimous action on America’s growing opioid abuse problem. Measures need to be taken on this epidemic and discussion on what the right measures are must be held.

We feel that its important to note that pain is often best treated, perhaps only treated, by opioids – which is, if not the underlying cause, at least the starting point for addiction. At HSR, we are working to identify potential alternatives to opioids that will at least provide physicians a greater set of options when treating patients suffering from pain. By having a larger set of treatment options, it is our hope and belief that patients and physicians can work together to design and follow treatment paths that limit the exposure to and the risks of addiction.

Please contact HSR to learn more about our pain management research. And take part in our upcoming Golf Tournament on May 2nd to raise funds for our research.

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