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Vaccine Production Line

Introducing Anna

We have built a generative AI-based conversational front end expanding the availability of our patented and proprietary health risk indices without the need for coding or data analysis skills. Institutions ranging from financial, business, health, governments (at all levels), urban and civil planners, and the public will be able to simply ask questions and gain actionable insights. Insights that enable business, policy, operational, and investment decisions based upon the health risks that apply broadly across the economy.


Anna offers both the simplicity of a prompt-based interface with the analytic power of advanced data science – further innovating AI while addressing issues of bias, error, and hallucination.

Piloting Anna graphic.png

Our purpose-built LLMs parse the user query to understand what information is sought, curates the necessary data from authoritative governmental & intergovernmental sources, launches one or more data pipelines to run the appropriate ML algorithms, and leverages GIS to provide the answer in the specific format requested – geospatial map, data table, report with citations, or action-oriented decision-support guidance.

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