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Pill Variety

Responding to the Opioid Epidemic has developed a patented solution (patent #11,177,040) that addresses opioid use and abuse in our nation, which has only worsened as resource-limited health departments were forced to redirect focus towards the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drug overdoses impact nearly all regions of the US, killing 107,622 in 2021 alone, contributing over $631 billion in annual costs to our healthcare system,leading to increases in violent crimes that cost the criminal justice system over $8 billion annually, and devastating communities across the nation. We provide a solution to aid in understanding the overall drug abuse problem and helping target resources to where they will be most effective in addressing & mitigating this crisis.


Fig: GeoMD Platform for Analyzing Social Factors Impacting Drug Abuse Risks

Our patented approach allows for the identification of the social factors influencing the risk of an opioid and drug addiction, diversion, and overdose during the following 12 months across the entire population. This information along with the risk level can guide the development of clinical and social interventions, as well as the specific regions where they will be most effective
in lowering overdose incidence.

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