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Press Release

Feb 16, 2024 a Top 20 Leading Company for 2024

Recognition based on multiple recent wins and the release of several new health risk datasets.

Aug 8, 2023 CEO to Lead Global GeoAI-focused Working Group

CEO Ajay K Gupta appointed as Co-Chair of the GEO Health Healthcare Infrastructure work group

Jul 27, 2022

UN Taps DC Area Startup to Advise on Advancement of Geospatial Standards for Health CEO to participate in the upcoming Twelfth Session of the UN-GGIM at UN Headquarters in NYC

Sep 8, 2023

GeoAI to Fight Wildfires involved in NASA program to aid emergency and public health response to wildfires by extracting origin, fuel source from ML/AI analysis of satellite imagery

Apr 5, 2023

Commission on Nurse Reimbursement Calls on CEO For Advisement CEO Ajay K. Gupta has been announced to new effort to tackle healthcare workforce challenges.

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