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Recognition based on multiple recent wins and the release of several new health risk datasets.

Feb 16, 2024

Washington, DC

Compared to other industries across the globe, it is debatable how much the implementation of new technology has led to true advancement or operating cost reduction in healthcare. Certainly, it has not had the same democratizing effect. In light of this observation, Ajay K Gupta and Ram Peruvemba decided to find out why. Once they got their answer, they committed themselves to start a company with the motive to solve the problem and to bring the benefits of modern tech to healthcare.

In 2013, Gupta and Peruvemba established to build health tech solutions with the audacious goal of advancing the capacity of global public health — thereby improving lives and communities across the world. Since then, the founders have been successful in the effort. The company offers advanced and novel health risk insights to predict the spread and severity of disease, whether chronic, infectious, or social, and works to make those risk insights available to all organizations impacted by health risks. has also found that industries outside healthcare have an appetite for insights into future health risks

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