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Prepare for future health risks through geospatial data engineering and AI.


Industry, government, public health and emergency response decision makers use the GeoMD Platform to understand and respond to health risks to their operations.

Data Visualization


The GeoMD Platform's visualization tools paint a clear picture of a the complex and deep-level insights garnered from our GeoAI approach.

These visualizations make millions of health, social, environmental, and climate change data points accessible, understandable, and actionable.



Using AI and machine learning models, the GeoMD Platform offers insights on the future of health.

Actionable Insights


Data Science and AI-based front end unlocks actionable insights from health & social data without the need for coding and data analysis skills.


These insights can be improved to improve patient outcomes, reduce cost, and drive innovation.

Novel Datasets


We have developed and offer a large assortment of novel datasets that provide insights to health use cases and far beyond. Each of our datasets are available as a one-time download or an annual subscription, and can be customized to meet specific needs.  

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