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Health Equity

It is an inescapable fact that social and environmental factors have profound effects on a person’s health, creating both positive and negative outcomes. Health inequity is present throughout all levels of global healthcare and is reflected in disparities in length of life, quality of life, rates of disease and mortality, and access to care based upon socially determined circumstances. 

Health departments seek solutions that provide greater visibility into these issues, in order to aid efforts towards achieving true equity. Through objective and exhaustive study of these social and environmental factors, we have created the GeoMD Platform for Health Equity as an actionable, timely, and powerful tool to identify, target, and eliminate the artificial inequities that keep us from being a healthier nation and a healthier world.

Please see a sample health equity report at a state level.

The GeoMD Platform for Health Equity provides a comprehensive and interactive tool allowing users to self-select SDOH and health factors to analyze from national to local levels. The various tabs include maps at multiple geospatial scales, graphs showing the change in SDOH factors over time, and charts comparing the correlation between different factors.

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