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GeoAI to Fight Wildfires involved in NASA program to aid emergency and public health response to wildfires by extracting origin, fuel source from ML/AI analysis of satellite imagery

Sep 8, 2023

Washington, DC

Washington, DC, USA, September 8, 2023 – We are pleased to announce a revolutionary approach to develop training data for a cutting-edge machine learning solution focused on the early identification of Wildland fires and their fuel source. By leveraging NASA satellite data, our innovative Geospatial method combined with Artificial Intelligence techniques, or GeoAI, aims to provide timely and accurate information to the public health and emergency response community.


Wildfires pose a significant threat to both human health, plant and animal ecosystems, and the environment. The ability to detect and predict these fires at an early stage is crucial for effective mitigation and response efforts. ImageCat,, and Intuition Machines utilize advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze the vast amounts of Landsat-2 Earth Observation (EO) collected by NASA, enabling the early identification of wildfires and the determination of their fuel source.


This groundbreaking approach has the potential to revolutionize wildfire management and public health. Identifying the origination and fuel source of a fire can inform evacuation measures as well as identify the numbers and locations of those who will need emergency care as well as they type of care they will need. The early identification of this information can aid in the provisioning of necessary resources leading to swiftly implement appropriate measures to contain and extinguish the fire, thus minimizing the potential damage to human life, property, and the environment.

It is an honor to collaborate with NASA on this project, leveraging their extensive library of EO data. We speed the creation of a training data set for wildfires by crowdsourcing the labeling of Landsat imagery using the Human Platform for labeling – and open doors to the broad, equitable creation of image-based datasets for an endless variety of use cases that can benefit from ML and AI techniques.


This solution holds the promise of expanding the creation of training datasets needed to fuel the evolution of GeoAI solutions as well as provide invaluable insights and enable the public health & emergency response community to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to protect lives and property from the devastating impacts of wildfires.

About is an innovation-first, global leader in health-focused geospatial data analytics. They support the public health and emergency response communities as well as all organizations impacted by health crises with novel indices that deepen the understanding of health issues, global and local, to better anticipate and mitigate those health crises. With a team of talented clinicians, public health analysts, data scientists, geospatial engineers, biostatisticians, epidemiologists, and cybersecurity experts, is dedicated to remaining on the forefront of healthcare technology innovation- pushing the boundaries of what is possible to anticipate.

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