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Hackers of the Caribbean

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

I have been invited by the Government of Belize to deliver a talk and lead a session on Cybersecurity Issues in Healthcare on April 24-27th in Belize City, Belize as part of the Belize National Cyber Security Symposium.

Conference Agenda

The formal agenda for the conference is being finalized and we’ll update this blog with that information as it becomes available. However, in short, Belize is a nation that is in the midst of modernizing its infrastructure, processes, as well as the delivery of government services. The agenda will focus on the opportunities that a greater digital footprint can bring to Belize and its people – as well as discussing actionable strategies for solving the challenges, including the cybersecurity challenges, in making the transition.

Cybersecurity in the Caribbean

It’s important to note that this conference is a part of that evolution. The groundwork has been laid, in part, by the work of international organizations, such as the Organization of American States who produced an in-depth report in 2016 on Cybersecurity:Are We Ready in Latin America and the Caribbean. which issues a call-to-action for all LAC nations to take steps to protect their 21st Century Infrastructure.

Who should attend?

Attendance to the Symposium is expected from Belize, throughout the Caribbean, and from here in the United States. If you have business interests in the Caribbean, this will be the right conference to attend. And yes, the Caribbean in late April is not a hard sell.

Our involvement reflects both a global understanding that healthcare is a part of a nation’s critical infrastructure and a target of cyber compromise, and a growing recognition of our cybersecurity expertise and leadership role in affecting healthcare technology policy here and abroad.

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