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HSR & myMAR Challenge Opioid Epidemic with AI

Companies seek to shift the tide in the battle against Opioid addition by merging HSR’s AI-tech with myMAR’s caregiver-focused online portal.

The Opioid epidemic is ravaging our country, hitting our nation so hard, that it alone has lowered life expectancy in the United States.  Only recently has it started to gain the attention it deserves.  We commend the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) for launching an Opioid Challenge to both raise awareness and help generate ideas to address and reverse this epidemic.

Health Solutions Research (HSR) is partnering with myMAR to enter the RWJF Opioid Challenge. HSR has been researching solutions to the Opioid epidemic for some time now. myMAR provides innovative solutions to support caregivers while they provide care to a loved one in need.

HSR & myMAR’s Proposed Solution

Our solution is an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered online and mobile portal that provides concierge-level services allowing caregivers to focus on providing care to their loved ones. Examples of the portal solutions:

  1. The portal provides the number of a home care nursing service that takes the caregiver’s insurance, schedules the visits and files the paperwork with the insurance provider.

  2. The portal provides the name of a dry cleaner with a drop off and pick up service, and connects them with the caregiver making an appointment.

  3. The portal identifies a community support group in the caregiver’s area, arranges transportation with home care for the loved one while the caregiver is away.

By improving the life of caregivers, we will be helping opioid survivors heal and return to being productive members of society.  The economic and social benefits of this are essentially uncountable. We will present our solution at our upcoming Machine Learning, Big Data, & AI in Healthcare conference.

For more information on our solution or for information on the conference, please contact HSR at 240-731-0756 or

About Health Solutions Research, Inc.

Health Solutions Research, Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit Health research organization that works with payers and providers to improve access to high quality care for all Americans. HSR is built by passionate and dedicated healthcare professionals and our current goal is to identify a solution to the nation’s crippling opioid epidemic.  For additional information on HSR, please contact Hubert Braithwaite III at

About myMAR.

While conducting market research for senior citizen concierge service products; numerous people requested a reminder service for their medications.  Upon further research the problem of medication adherence became very clear. Consequences associated with non-adherence are out of control and myMAR, was created to offer a solution to what the World Health Organization calls an “epidemic”.

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