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Seeds Sown for Maryland Medicinal Cannabis

On Monday, August 15th, the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Cannabis Commission announced the 15 awardees for medicinal cannabis grower licenses and the 15 awardees for processor licenses in the Free State via their website. HSR Congratulates the winners who are listed below and at the link above.

Yes this news is a week late but hey, I’ve been on vacation. Even a week old this news is worth reporting for many reasons, but in our view for one: Research.

Technically, the Commission issued “License Pre-Approvals” as other steps remain before these parties can actually grow or process cannabis legally in Maryland.

Those steps do include the basics you would expect, such as financial and operational stability. But Maryland, which patterned its medicinal cannabis program after other states that have legalized cannabis only for medical purposes, made Research a key component of its program.

And because of that, the approved growers and processors along with our state research community (including HSR), can truly make significant contributions to both the cannabis and the medical industries. For example:

• Is there a difference between medicinal and purely recreational cannabis?

Research is still required to establish a universally accepted distinction between what constitutes medicinal-grade versus purely recreational cannabis. This distinction must address both the cannabis’ content (e.g., THC versus CBD levels) and delivery methods (e.g., smoking versus oral methods such as ingestible oils).

• What strains and dosages are best indicated for specific conditions and patients?

While the cannabis industry has guidance on which strains may work better for certain conditions, there is less guidance on dosage levels. And little of the guidance is through human subject clinical trials that can identify potential difference across gender, age, ethnicity, co-morbidity, and other biological factors.

So even a week late, the excitement remains that a new state industry can, through scientific and clinical research, contribute to the growth and adoption of a potential remedy to what ails mankind. Please join HSR in congratulating the 15 pre-approved grower and processor license holders and wish them success in the challenges ahead:

The Medicinal Cannabis Growers

1. Curio Cultivation LLC, Baltimore County 2. Doctors Orders Maryland LLC, Dorchester County 3. Forward Gro LLC, Anne Arundel County 4. Freestate Wellness LLC, Howard County 5. Green Leaf Medical LLC, Frederick County 6. Grow West MD LLC, Garrett County 7. Harvest of Maryland LLC, Washington County 8. HMS Health LLC, Frederick County 9. Holistic Industries LLC, Prince George’s County 10. Kind Therapeutics USA LLC, Washington County 11. Maryland Compassionate Care and Wellness LLC, Carroll County 12. MaryMed LLC, Dorchester County 13. Shore Natural Rx LLC, Worcester County 14. SunMed Growers LLC, Cecil County 15. Temescal Wellness of MD LLC, Baltimore City

The Medicinal Cannabis Processors

1. AFS Maryland LLC, Wicomico County 2. Blair Wellness Center LLC, Worcester County 3. Chesapeake Alternatives LLC, Queen Anne’s County 4. Curio Manufacturing LLC, Baltimore County 5. Doctors Orders Maryland LLC, Dorchester County 6. FGM Processing LLC, Charles County 7. Holistic Industries LLC, Prince George’s County 8. Kind Therapeutics USA LLC, Washington County 9. Maryland Compassionate Care and Wellness LLC, Carroll County 10. MaryMed LLC, Dorchester County 11. Pharmaculture Corporation, Allegany County 12. Pro Green Medical LLC, Frederick County 13. Rosebud Organics LLC, Montgomery County 14. Seven Points Agro-Therapeutics LLC, Prince George’s County 15. Temescal Wellness of MD, Baltimore City

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