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Going Grassroots to Fight the Opioid Epidemic

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Webster’s dictionary defines Epidemic as “a sudden, widespread occurrence of a particular undesirable phenomenon.” That is exactly what the we are experiencing with opioids. HSR has taken on this battle in many ways and now we have launched a grassroots campaign to talk about the opioid epidemic. In our messaging not only do we share our approach to help end this horrendous situation but emphasize that this is everyone’s fight and what they can do to help.

We have spoken about the epidemic in large conferences – such as last year at the Advanced Healthcare Analytics conference Boston and this year at the Machine Learning, Big Data, & AI in Healthcare conference in Bethesda – as well as in community and civic organizations such as the Rotary. Most recently one of HSR’s board advisors, Troy Joslin, spoke at the Montgomery County Rotary Club. Here is an excerpt of that presentation from the Rotary newsletter:

Gaithersburg Rotary Newsletter

"Troy Joslin, a director of the firm, came to address us. Troy explained that HSR was a non-profit (501(C)(3)) organization that improves access to high quality health care in America by gathering, analyzing and disseminating information.

For example, it created a GeoHealth Dashboard, a GIS platform to merge demographic data and trends, healthcare data, and social factors to solve health challenges. It helps hospital systems and County and State health departments to allocate medical resources, measure and track community health issues, and provide point-of-care decision support for more appropriate treatment.

Troy said HSR was now focusing on the opioid crisis. He reminded us that at least 120 people were dying every day in the U.S. from drug overdoses, with a cost to the economy estimated a minimum of $55 billion per year! HSR can provide data to show where opioids are being abused, predict deaths from overuse and even single out patients who are likely to succumb. That information lets medical personnel intervene before it is too late.

Mr. Joslin invited us to talk to everyone, especially Governor Hogan, about the opioid crisis. It must be taken seriously! He asked that Rotary increase its efforts to reduce opioid abuse. On a slightly lighter note, he invited us to participate in their annual golf fundraiser. See information about HSR and its golf tournament at

More Grassroots

HSR will expand its grassroots campaign through as many speaking engagements as possible to get the message out early and often. We cannot do it alone. Everyone must recognize the magnitude of this epidemic and find a way to contribute. If you have a forum where you would like to have HSR speak on this horrific subject please contact us.

Golf Tournament Info

Another way to help fight this battle is to play in or sponsor our Annual Charity Golf Tournament. This year is our 3rd and takes place on Monday, April 30th & funds our clinical trial to combat the opioid epidemic. For more information on the tournament go to our site at or contact Troy at

Let’s end this together!

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